Grievance Process: How a Faculty Union protects your Rights

The current grievance process at NIU stacks the deck in favor of the administration, putting faculty members at a disadvantage.
If you have an employment grievance (related to disciplinary action from a supervisor, layoffs, tenure and promotion denials,
problems with family and medical leave, etc.), you are likely to find yourself alone.

But with a faculty union at NIU, you will finally be able to count on real help and advocacy when filing a
  • A faculty union will help you and represent you at every step of the grievance process. You will also have legal representation when needed; this is a benefit paid for by union dues.
  • The union will support you through the process and has the right to appeal unresolved grievances to the highest levels.
  • A faculty union will be able to insist that the administration follow a reasonable timeline to resolve the grievance.
  • A faculty union will be able to guarantee that the NIU administration honor the contract negotiated with faculty. In a union grievance process, the administration would have set deadlines to respond or risk having the grievance proceed to the next step.
  • If the administration fails to respond to these set deadlines, the grievance would then be given to an arbitrator for a final decision.
  • Grievances may be resolved through binding arbitration—an enforceable result that both parties must honor.