Join in the Fight to Protect Your Health Care!

State government employees represented by the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) have been battling the Rauner Administration in contract negotiations for more than nine months. State university employees, including faculty at NIU, have a big stake in these contract negotiations. One of Gov. Rauner’s harshest bargaining demands is his scheme to wipe out quality, affordable health care by drastically restructuring the CMS state health plan—which covers all state government employees, as well as all state university employees.

Rauner is demanding that all employees who participate in the state’s health plan pay huge new costs for our health care—even though what we pay now is already at the national average. Under Rauner’s demands:
  • To keep your current health plan, you’d have to pay DOUBLE the premium—100% more than you pay now–out of each paycheck in the first year alone!
  • Employees would have to pay a fixed portion of all of the state’s health care costs—40%!
  • That means a state university employee’s total health care costs (premiums, co-pays, etc.) would go up a whopping $3,100 on average.
  • Although the Administration says there would be more plans to choose from, the new plans would require you to pay more out of your pocket each time you visit a doctor or undergo a medical procedure, resulting in less access and lower quality health care.
  • And the new plans would greatly limit your choice of doctor or other medical provider.
  • Moreover, if the state’s health care costs go up in the next three years, your costs would automatically go up too—with no cap on how much they could rise.
The Administration’s demands would put Illinois dead last in the entire country among state health care plans.

The AFSCME State Employee Bargaining Committee has said “No” to such steep health care cost increases. State university employees have to be part of this battle. What can faculty do to protect the quality of their health care? In the short run, by supporting AFSCME’s bargaining team, which is calling on all state university employees to rally on this critical issue during the month of December (dates and locations on the reverse). In the medium to long term, a faculty union at NIU could bargain the impact of these changes – including salary increases to offset the charges or by setting up medical savings accounts. 

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