UFA-NIU Officially Certified


Dear Supporters,

Success! Today the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board (IELRB) officially certified the United Faculty Alliance at Northern Illinois University as a union of tenured and tenure-track faculty members. That means as of this moment we have a union!

We’d like to thank everyone who has been involved in getting us this far. Our collective energies over the last year and a half have put us in a position to improve our work conditions. As a democratic voice for the faculty, we will be able to defend and improve higher education in Illinois and for our students.

If you signed a card in support of the creation of the union but refrained from becoming a member (i.e. did not sign the second part of the card), now would be a wonderful time to join the UFA as member. The upcoming months will be crucial for forming the governance structure of the organization and preparing for bargaining with the administration. Becoming a member allows you to be part of these vital efforts.

It is also a good time to continue to recruit more of your colleagues into the union. Now that we are official, several faculty members who had been unsure might be ready to join. Maintaining a strong and active membership will be necessary for our success in negotiations.

The main next step is going to be a union building meeting this Thursday (June 16th) from 10AM-1PM at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at 158 N. Fourth St. in DeKalb. At the event, we will event will chart our next major projects, including the creation of the UFA’s bylaws, preliminary research for future negotiations, and further mobilization of members into active organizers. If you are available this summer, please try to attend.

Yours in victory,
The Organizing Committee of the UFA

Anita Andrew (History), Wendy Bostwick (Nursing and Health Studies), Andy Bruno (History), Kathryn Cady (Communication), Veysel Demir (Electrical Engineering), Mel Duvall (Biological Sciences), Sherry Fang (FCNS), Damián Fernandez (History), Rosemary Feurer (History), Reva Freedman (Computer Science), Jennifer Gray (Nursing) Michael Haji-Sheikh (Electrical Engineering), Beatrix Hoffman (History), Barbara Jaffee (Art and Design), Wendell Johnson (Library), Jeff Kidder (Sociology), Karen Lichtman (Foreign Language and Literature), Virginia Naples (Biological Sciences), Mark Schuller (Anthropology), Diana Swanson (English), Theraphi Than (Foreign Language and Literature), David Valentiner (Psychology), Karen Whedbee (Communication), Scott Wickman (CAHE)