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Michael Haji-Sheikh for Chapter Representative to the Local

I am so proud to be a part of the UFA, an organization which I have been an integral part of since its beginning. In November of 2014, a small group of colleagues and I realized that a union would be necessary to give a voice to our faculty. It was clear that the administration wanted to weaken our voice and was not interested in creating a strong and healthy faculty. In that month, I made several phone calls which initiated the events that lead to the formation of our union. During that period, I met the leadership team and organizing team for the UPI and found them to be the right fit for our campus. I also believe I am well positioned to be the UFA representative to IFT Local 4100 (UPI) since I have been in close contact with the leadership team over the period of time from inception to present. I also am the only member of the College of Engineering to be running as a member of the chapter leadership team and it is important to have that voice included in this inaugural year of our union. Together we can make this a strong, inclusive, and cohesive voice for the faculty and the students of our great institution. Thank you for your vote!