Simon Weffer for Chapter Representative to the Local

I think that I bring three qualities to the table that make me a strong candidate to be our chapter representative to UPI-Local 4100, and member of the executive committee at NIU.  First, as a founding faculty member in Sociology at University of California, Merced, I worked with a wide range of faculty from across the University to build the school from the ground up.  I see our work in building the union as a similar endeavor.  Not only do we need to build the legal-rational structures that will grow our union, but also create a culture of inclusion that will encourage participation by as broad a cross-section of the faculty as possible. Second, as someone that works in both quantitative and qualitative methodologies, I will be able to well represent both the data and narratives coming out of our chapter to UPI-Local 4100, as well as communicate back information to our executive committee and our membership.  Third, as a Latino faculty member, I will bring a diverse viewpoint to the executive committee at NIU as well as to the broader local.