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Virginia Naples for President

I am in my thirty-third year at NIU.  I am honored to be on the ballot, seeking the Presidency of the United Faculty Alliance.  I would like to serve in this capacity because I want to empower us, the tenured and tenure-track faculty, to participate in choosing the direction in which our university will go in the future.  During the past three decades I have seen faculty opportunities decline, while the bureaucratic overload has increased.  This trend has accelerated in recent years as the faculty and administration became more isolated and alienated from one another.  I strongly believe that collective bargaining is the best means for the faculty to reverse these trends.  Professors are the heart of the university.  

Our well being is critical to achieving the educational, research, creative and professional public services goals that are the mission of public higher education institutions.  As budgets, especially state contributions, have diminished, most university functions have been negatively affected.  Nevertheless, I am optimistic that we can accomplish our mission by working in a smarter and more efficient manner.  This change takes vision, and ideas from many sources.  I aspire to see that the faculty voice is heard with regard to all aspects of our working conditions.  I care about all of the diverse programs of the university, and will represent all faculty to the best of my ability.  I believe that by working together we can meet our goals while improving the academic experiences of all members of our university community.