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Paul Stoddard for Secretary

I am running for a position on the Executive Board (specifically Secretary) because I feel I can bring years of experience dealing with the NIU administration (5 years as Faculty Senate President, another 2+ as Faculty & SPS Personnel Advisor) to the problem of a diminishing faculty voice in deciding the course our university should take.  After years of hesitation on the question of a faculty union at NIU, recent trends have convinced me that we must able to speak with one unified voice if we wish to be heard.  The UFA provides us the means to be that voice.  The word “unified” in the previous sentence is problematic when talking of a diverse body such as is our faculty.  The Exec Board will be the guiding force in fashioning that unified voice, and I believe I have the necessary experience and temperament to help in that effort.  I thank you in advance for your support, and look forward to the opportunity to serve you in this capacity.