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Rosemary Feurer for Vice President

As Chair of the Faculty Senate’s Faculty Rights and Responsibilities committee, I used the Working Papers to show administrators were receiving a higher percentage increase in pay than faculty and expose the worsening faculty/administration ratio. This resulted in a pay raise where faculty got a higher percentage raise than administrators. But because we didn’t have a union, we were unable to act on most of what the study revealed.

For years I advocated for a union. So giving significant time to organize the UFA flowed from that commitment, from the first meeting we held until now. I joined the by-laws, membership and collective bargaining committees.  I am a labor historian who is well aware of the possibilities and limits of labor unions. They are an instrument that can allow us to democratize the university. But they are only strong when well-organized. It will take more of us willing to act collectively and allowing the broadest array of voices to be heard. 

We need to address the lack of raises, salary equity and compression/inversion issues, inequity between divisions, the use of merit systems to divide us, and a host of other issues that affect our daily work lives. 

My mother was a founding member of the garment workers union local in our home town; I am following a tradition. Affordable public education allowed me to be the first generation in my family to go to college. We need to advocate for tuition free college through the union, in order to ensure our future.