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Who is the AAUP?

The AAUP is the American Association of University Professors. Founded by John Dewey, the organization has focused its work on higher education exclusively since 1915. It was founded in response to administrative overreach and disregard for faculty rights, including the rights to academic freedom and meaningful shared governance.

For the past century, AAUP’s exclusivity of focus on the higher education workplace has allowed it to define, assert, and protect the rights and working conditions of individual faculty when under attack because of their political beliefs. AAUP has also set standards for best practices for administration/board/faculty interaction, all of which can be accessed in the Redbook, which is available online at aaup.org/reports-publications/aaup-policies-reports.

Many member campuses have incorporated AAUP principles and best practices into their collective bargaining agreements and are members of the Collective Bargaining Congress of the AAUP. Information about AAUP union campuses can be found at www.aaupcbc.org. These include those units have organized jointly with the American Federation of Teachers, including the University of Illinois at Chicago, Wayne State University, the University of Oregon, and the University of Vermont.