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Grievance Process

A grievance process is designed to protect YOUR contract. It includes:
  • Representation by union leadership at all meetings with administration on the grievable issue—you are not alone in this process. At every step along the way, you are entitled to union representation.
  • Ability to result in binding arbitration. Your union supports you through the process and has the right to appeal unresolved grievances to the highest levels.
  • Legal representation is available and provided BY your union. This is one of the benefits of paying dues.
  • A clear, reasonable timeline that must be followed.
The grievance procedure and, ultimately, arbitration provide the union with a
formal way to enforce the contract that was negotiated with management. The
grievance procedure has time limits and often has a clause at each step that states
that management must respond within a certain number of days or the grievance
will automatically move to the next step. This prevents management from being
able to stall or avoid responding. If management missed all the deadlines, the issue
would be elevated to arbitration for the arbitrator to decide.